Monday, June 9, 2014

How I Handle the Tough Days

We all have those days. Your kid(s) didn't sleep the night before, they woke up early, and are especially cranky and fussy. There is a toddler attached to your leg whining for breakfast and you drop the eggs on the ground while trying to muster the energy to make some coffee. After the battle of a decade you have finally fed your offspring, and possible yourself, gotten both of you dressed, and managed to walk out the door. Then the dog escapes from the yard in the two seconds you had the gate open while trying to corral your 25 pound toddler onto your hip so she doesn't run off into the driveway.

That was me this morning. I finally managed to get into the car after yelling at the dog that he was never allowed outside again. I sat there in the car for just a second trying to take a few deep breaths. Then I called my husband to vent for a few minutes. I told him I was going to give the dog and our child away to the circus. He said that probably wasn't a good idea. Of course I agreed, but I did tell him I need a break.

By the time my daughter and I got back from the grocery store I was in a completely different mood. Just the short trip to buy bananas and almond milk turned the entire day around. It got me thinking about ways we can give ourselves a little break during the day when we aren't actually alone. I complied a little list of things you can do when you're having an especially difficult day.
  • Start with some deep breaths!
  • Load the kids into the car and go for a drive.
  • For some quite time put on their favorite show, DVD, etc.
  • Go for a walk and let your kiddo explore.
  • Make it a mission to find the perfect park. Try a new one when you both need a distraction.
  • Take a hot shower. Whether it be during nap time or if you have to bring toys into the bathroom for entertainment.
  • Go outside and play.
  • Go for a coffee (or whatever you favorite drink is).
  • Read a book. I try to do this during nap time.
  • Listen to music. It could be something soothing or something to dance around to.
  • And if all else fails start counting down the hours to bedtime. 
What do you do to keep your cool when you're able to lose your mind?


  1. Thank you for this! I sat reading while drinking my 2nd cup of coffee this morning, because I was up at 5am with my little one. I think today will be a day where I need a few tips from your list. While I could think of these things on my own, it's nice to have a reminder of some of these. It's also helpful to just know that we, as mothers, are never alone in dealing with these things.

    1. You're welcome! We all have those days and it's great when we can relate to each other and know we're not alone.


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