Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pregnant with Baby #2

I'm a little crazy when it comes to trying to get pregnant. I obsessively start peeing on pregnancy tests about 8 days after I've ovulated. Thank goodness for Wondfo tests from Amazon. Otherwise we'd probably be broke.

This time around I wasn't charting, but I always have a good idea of when I ovulate based on the average length of my cycle and cervical mucus. My husband and I were on our second month of trying to conceive and I took a few tests (yes a few!) around 9 days past when I believe I ovulated. After about 15-30 minutes I kept seeing what looked like super super faint lines on the tests. I thought they were evaporation lines since they weren't showing up within the time limit and they didn't really have any color to them. After 5 evaporation lines I finally googled the lot # for that particular batch of Wondfo pregnancy tests and read about other women having the same problem. So, I thought I'd seek counsel with my private group of wonderful moms on Facebook. They all seemed to think I was pregnant and demanded that I take another brand of pregnancy test right away. Luckily I just happened to have one. It was positive!! 

I called my midwives the next morning and asked for a blood draw to check on my HCG level. My first draw was 11.5 which was consistent with how far along I figured I was at the time. I went back 48 hours later and my HCG level tripled to 33.9 which is exactly what we were looking for. My expected due date is 12/24/14, Christmas Day eve. We are so excited to give Ayla a little brother or sister! 

I'll be posting updates and belly photos as my pregnancy progresses. So, stay tuned!

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