Thursday, April 17, 2014

Toddler Eats #3 On-The-Go

In part three of my toddler food series I'm going to show you some of the healthy meals and snacks I bring on the go for my kiddo. It can be harder to keep food healthy when are you aren't at home. These ideas aren't exactly picture perfect for every meal of everyday, but they travel well, require hardly any preparation, and they're way better than fast food.

  • Olives. These are super easy to just throw into a little tuperware container. Or Pearl makes them prepackaged in to-go cups. You can find those in the grocery store with the rest of the canned olives.
  • Food Pouches. One of my favorites! I really like the organic GoGo Squeez apple sauce pouches from Costco.
  • Diced Fruit Cups. These can have a lot of sugar in them so be sure to get the kind packaged in fruit juice, not syrup.
  • Fruit. A lot of fruit is packaged very nicely by nature for eating on the go. :) Ayla's favorite is banana.
  • Fruit Leathers. These are great and kids love them! Try to find a brand with minimal ingredients. Costco sells the Stretch Island Fruit Co. brand that just lists fruit on the label.
  • Crackers. Ayla's favorites are Annie's Homegrown cheddar bunnies crackers.
  • Canned Vegetables. You can find prepackaged veggies in to-go cups next to the canned vegetables in your grocery store. The sodium content in canned and prepackaged veggies is pretty high, but it's definitely a healthier alternative to french fries.
  • Raisins. I buy a big container and then put a handful into a reusable sandwich bag.
The next options need to stay cold. As I'm getting ready to run out the door I'll throw of few of these things in a thermal lunch bag with an ice pack that I keep in the freezer.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs. I buy ours at Costco. They sell an organic hard boiled egg that's already peeled. It's so convenient, but of course you can make your own.
  • Cheese. I like to buy the Mini Babybel cheese or regular string cheese. Ayla seems to prefer the shape of the Babybel brand.
  • Yogurt. The squeeze tubes of yogurt work great, but most of the time I just grab a tub of the regular whole milk organic stuff and throw a spoon in the lunch bag.
  • Lunch Meat. This is another one of Ayla's favorite. I'll roll up slices and throw them in a sandwich bag.
  • Pickles. Since I grab a few out of the big jar in the fridge I like to keep these cold.
  • Hummus. I like to get the small servings sizes of hummus. Sometimes I'll grab the ones packaged with pretzels too.


  1. I like these! I bought reusable pouches and fill them with applesau. They hold more and we eat a lot of applesauce. 😀

  2. I like these! I bought reusable pouches and fill them with applesau. They hold more and we eat a lot of applesauce. 😀


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