Friday, April 4, 2014

A Letter to my Daughter #3

Dear Ayla,

We went to the park a couple of days ago with a few of your cousins. It's a beautiful park in Seattle right on Puget Sound. We walked around the beach looking for seashells and pretty rocks. We ate lunch on a picnic bench and you discovered the undless joy of going down the slide on the playground over and over again.

The day reminded me of how much you've grown. You can climb the stairs on the playground by yourself and you nudge my hand away when I offer you help. Although you refused my help you still wanted me to catch you at the bottom of the slide. And after 30 minutes of tromping around on the rocky beach you wanted me to carry you the rest of the way.

I'm enjoying every little expression you make and every word you learn, but most of all I love that you still cuddle with me and you still run over to me for kisses. You make my heart so full Ayla. I love you.


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  1. These letters inspire me to write my own letters to my son. Maybe I should have started sooner, cause I feel like my letter could be long.


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