Thursday, March 20, 2014

Toddler Eats #2

I started a series of posts to focus on healthy toddler meals. See the first one here. Below you'll find another day of what Ayla typically eats.
(I like to choose organic options when possible. If something is organic it will say so in the description. The photos are described from left to right and top to bottom. If you have questions please leave a comment. I'd love to answer them!)
  • BreakfastWhole fat greek yogurt with a dollop of organic no sugar added preserves. Sliced organic banana and organic kiwi. (There is usually left over fruit from breakfast that I'll serve as a snack or with breakfast the next morning.)
  • Lunch- An organic banana. Two pouches of organic pureed veggies and fruits. One is sweet peas. The other is a blend of sweet potato, apple, and carrot. (We were out running errands so I threw a couple of things in the diaper bag before we left. As far as baby food pouches go, I buy whichever organic brand is on sale and/or I have coupons for. It usually ends up being the Plum Organics brand. These pouches are so great to have on the go!) 
  • SnackOrganic sugar plum tomatoes cut in half.
For dinner Ayla almost always eats what we eat. The only exception is if something is especially spicy.
  • Dinner- Organic chicken simmered in masala sauce from Trader Joes. Organic cauliflower "rice" with a little masala simmering sauce. Roasted organic zucchini.
For more toddler meal ideas check out Toddler Eats#1

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