Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Toddler Eats #1

I decided to start a kind of series on what my toddler eats everyday. I try my best to make sure she is getting wholesome nutrient dense foods the majority of the time. And even though she is only 16 months old I've realized it's fairly easy to fall into a food rut when trying to figure out what to feed a picky toddler. Plus I like to keep things quick and easy for at least the first two meals of the day. I hope this can provide some inspiration for your toddler's meals and help keep a variety of healthy and especially tasty foods in their diet.

I like to choose organic options when possible. If something is organic it will say so in the description. The photo descriptions are from left to right and top to bottom. If you have questions please leave a comment. I'd love to answer them!
  • Breakfast- Half a slice of buttered toast (we eat Dave's Killer Bread). Half an organic apple peeled and sliced. Whole fat greek yogurt with a dollop of organic no sugar added preserves.
  • Lunch- Chicken salad (shredded chicken mashed up with half an organic avocado). Cut up organic pickle. Organic mozzarella string cheese. Squeezable strawberry apple sauce.
  • Snack- Black olives, cut in half.
For dinner Ayla almost always eats what we eat. The only exception is if something is especially spicy.
  • Dinner- Organic baked chicken, seasoned with lemon and pepper. Shredded organic sweet potatoes sauteed in organic coconut oil. Steamed organic broccoli and cauliflower (frozen).


  1. I always need new toddler meal ideas! Thanks for posting!


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