Monday, March 31, 2014

7 Easy (Healthy) Meals in under 7 Minutes

If you're like me sometimes it's hard to find a couple minutes during the day to get in a healthy meal. I put together 7 fast and healthy meal ideas that won't take more than 7 minutes to prepare.
  • Spinach, tomato, and avocado salad. Throw however much spinach you desire into a bowl, add tomatoes (I like to cut the cherry or grape variety in half), add diced avocado, squeeze lemon juice over the top, and sprinkle with S&P. This is one of my favorites! Sometimes I add olives.
  • Avocado chicken salad. Mix one can of chicken (or tuna!) with a mashed avocado, and season with a little S&P. Done! You can throw this on some bread (I recommend Dave's Killer Bread), on top of some lettuce, or just eat it with a fork.
  • "Antipasto" plate. Another one of my favorites. Open your fridge and pantry and grab whatever is ready and healthy, then throw it on a plate. Or just eat it out of the package if you wish. My latest lunch like this included about 6 slices of salami, a handful of grape tomatoes, half a handful of olives, and a quarter of a cantaloupe.
  • Left-overs. Utilize your left-overs! Throw last night's veggie into a pan with some eggs and make a yummy scramble.
  • Smoothie. This literally takes a minute. My favorite combo is 2 scoops of protein powder, a handful of spinach, 1 banana, a few frozen strawberries, and almond milk. Blend and enjoy. What could be easier? And if you have a Nutribullet (I love mine!) or something similar, clean up is a breeze.
  • A Lara bar. This is usually something I'll eat if I'm out running errands. I like Lara bars because there are minimal ingredients. Most flavors are made up of only fruit and nuts. And they're tasty!
  • Yogurt with fruit. Mix some fruit and berries into your favorite plain full fat yogurt. Add some honey or no sugar added preserves for extra sweetness. And maybe even some granola if you're into that too. Yogurt doesn't have to be just for breakfast.
What are some of your favorite easy meals when you only have a few minutes?

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