Friday, September 13, 2013

Why I Couldn't Stick to Cloth Diapering

My little Seahawks fan in her pink jersey and The Honest Company diaper.

I consider myself a semi-crunchy mom. I'm still breastfeeding my 10 month old, we co-sleep, I practice attachment parenting, but I totally missed the boat on cloth diapering. I didn't buy my first cloth diapers until Ayla was 6 months old.

I bought a pack of six BumGenius pocket diapers when I finally decided I wanted to jump on the cloth diapering bandwagon. I did a bunch of research and decided these were the ones I wanted to go with. They are supposedly the "Cadillac" of cloth diapers. My not-so-crunchy husband, Tommy said before we spent money on an entire stash of cloth diapers to give it a go with the 6 we had. I started using them and loved them! They are cute, soft, easy to get on Ayla, but then came the washing and drying and sunning out stains. I'm so terrible when it comes to laundry. I kid you not, I don't do laundry until I'm on my last pair of clean underwear. I did really well for the first month or two using the 6 we had. I'd use them and while I was washing and drying I'd use disposables. I also used disposables while we were out of the house.

I'll be honest with you. I'm not the best housekeeper. Overall our house will stay picked up and on occasion I go on crazy cleaning sprees, but quite frankly sometimes I feel like I suck at it. My husband is the one that most often does the dishes. Mr. Not-so-crunchy even does his own laundry (this is also partially because he washes his own work clothes, those things get nasty). I don't want to make it sound like I don't do anything around the house because I do, but I procrastinate on things that in my mind aren't as crucial. I'd rather spend time with Ayla, run errands, garden, meet up with friends for playdates, cook dinner, watch a movie with Tommy, or whatever else.

I slowly started using disposable diapers more and more. Using the cloth diapers didn't add that much extra laundry to the mix, but I just liked the ease of disposables so much more. And I loved not having one more thing to do around the house. But in the back of my mind I knew I wasn't doing what was best for Ayla. The chemicals in standard disposable diapers have always irked me out. Check out this article. That's when I looked into The Honest Company. Their diapers are plant based, chlorine free, and they have no fragrances, lotions, or latex. I signed up for a free trail, loved them, and the rest is history.

Yes, I am be paying more for The Honest Company diapers, but I'm okay with that. They are better for Ayla than Pampers and I'm not married to an extra load of laundry every day or every two days. All of that being said I applaud any parents that cloth diaper! I still use them on occasion and I'm not writing it off completely for baby number 2, but I don't think we'll ever be a 100% cloth diaper home.

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