Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Letter to my Daughter #2

Cuddling in bed with Daddy when you were only a couple weeks old.
Dear Ayla,

We've been working on getting you to sleep in your crib over the past few months. You nap there during the day and start off your nights there for a couple of hours. But every night you end up in bed with me and Daddy.

Each night I hear you start crying on the monitor and rush into your room to pick you up. The moment when you see me is the exact same every time. The look of relief on your face is undeniable. In some way it makes me feel like I'm doing things right. You really do feel comforted and protected by me. I pick you up each night and tell you, "I'm here baby, it's okay." Then I carry you to the bedroom where you sleep in bed with me and Daddy for the rest of the night.

Not everyone thinks you should be in bed with us, but you know what my little love? It's where you feel the safest. And that's what matters to me. Of course, you won't always be in our bed just like you won't be nursing forever. I cherish moments just like the one this very minute. I'm sitting in bed writing this as you are curled up next to Daddy right beside me. You're both sound asleep and Daddy is snoring.

I hope someday when you have children that you allow yourself to experience these small meaningful memories. They're going to be over before you know it. Time as flown by since you were born and it only seems to be gaining speed.


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