Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Letter to my Daughter

Dear Ayla,

I don't know what took me so long and I don't know why I didn't start doing this since the day you were born. I'm sorry I haven't done a better job at writing down your milestones and the special little things you do. I have never been one for scrap booking so I think that might be why I haven't written in your baby book very much. I know how much I love looking back at mine and I want you to have that chance too.

Today I sat down and wrote in your baby book while you took a nap. It's amazing how fast time as gone by since you were born. It has been the absolute most challenging and most rewarding experience of my life. My marriage to your Daddy has never been tested more. I've also never ever been more appreciative of anyone, than I am of your father for giving me you.

I suppose I haven't written things down because I've been living in the moments with you. Maybe that's why I've neglected this blog so much too. Or it could be that I've just felt a bit overwhelmed since the moment you were born. As soon as I feel like I have a handle on you, you go and learn something new. You are one incredible strong willed child. I'm told that you're just like me. The jury is still out about whether that's a good thing or not. I do know that you're going to be one smart and totally kick ass woman one day. I can't wait to see who you turn into. For now though, you're my funny, sweet, stubborn, beautiful, active, amazing baby girl. And I love you more than any words can say.

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  1. I love it!
    You will love looking back and reading these letters to Ayla. And reading them yourself to see how you've grown as a mommy.
    When I had trouble finding time to write in you kids' baby books, I'd write something down on a scrap of paper and tuck it in the baby book box. Then later when I had the time to write (all nice and neat) I'd enter it into the book. Also, saving a few newspapers helps so you can look back and log current events.
    I know what you mean about 'just getting a handle' on things and then she learns something new. Totally!
    Her strong personality is hard when she's a baby and little kid, but she'll kick butt as an adult. Always a good thing.
    You are doing a beautiful job as a mommy and wife, daughter, sister and friend.
    I love you!


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