Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Baby Must Haves!

Lately I've had lots of mommas to-be ask me what my baby "must haves" are. I've only been at this parenting thing for 4 months now, but picking my top ten items was a piece of cake. Do you think I left anything out? Leave a comment!

1) Arms Reach Brand Co-Sleeper - I love this thing. We went with a smaller less expensive version of the more common co-sleeper made by the same company. This one is $120. You can find it at Walmart.com.
2) Long Sleeve Body Suit/Onesie - I realized after having a fall/winter baby short sleeve onesies weren't very practical. My little one lived in long sleeved onesies. My favorites were Carters brand with the fold over sleeve that covers their little hands.
3) The Woombie - This is the best swaddle invention ever! It unzips from the bottom making diaper changes in the middle of the night super easy too. My little lady calms down as soon as we zip her up in the Woombie.
4) Boppy - This pillow is great for nursing, propping, holding (your arms will get tired!) and tummy time. You can find Boppy pillows just about anywhere. The pattern pictured is my favorite. You can find it at Target.
5) Moby Wrap - A lot of baby wearers will say that the Moby is the beginners wrap. I absolutely love mine and so does my baby. She falls asleep in it every time. Once you get the hang of how to get it on it's super easy. It comes in a variety of pretty colors too. Mine is brown (yes boring) and came from Target.
6) Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers - These are the best burp cloths! Get lots of them too! The ones we use came from Target.
7)  mybaby HoMedics SoundSpa On-The-Go - My little one sleeps so much better with white noise. (If you're having problems getting baby to sleep this might be something you want to try.) I love this sound spa because we can take it with us wherever we go. The only place I've been able to find it is Amazon and it doesn't have free shipping through Prime either, but it's still worth the cost!
8) Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym - This activity mat will keep my baby happy for quite awhile. She loves kicking the piano. Sometimes I think she's going to break the thing with how hard she kicks it, but it's still working perfectly. Ours came from Target, but it is also available on Amazon.
9) Mam 0-6 Month Pacifier - This is a pretty self explanatory item. Some babies are picky when it comes to pacifiers and that includes mine. We tried several different brands and Mam was the only ones she would take. You can find this brand anywhere baby supplies are sold.
10) Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump - A good quality breast pump is something I think every nursing mother deserves. The Medela brand consistently gets great reviews. I love mine! A lot of insurance companies are now covering the cost of a breast pump. Be sure to check with your health insurance company before you buy one. If you're paying for it keep your eye out for a sale. Amazon has them decently priced from time to time.

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